Suzhou Peiwen Translation Agency is a professional translation company formally registered in Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau. The company sticks to the consistent policy of “Full-time Translation, Expert Translation and Standardized Translation” and provides superior quality translation services while following the strict translation flow and pursuing perfection and the combination of quality and speed.
    Suzhou Peiwen Translation Agency bases itself on the experts and talents from Shanghai Foreign Languages University, Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University and Soochow University and gradually develops into a group of veteran translators of more than 20 languages, among whom there are many specialists of all walks proficient in one or more foreign languages and newly-returned overseas Chinese working full-time or part-time for our company. It is their wisdom and persistent efforts that build up the credibility and prestige of our company.
    Suzhou Peiwen Translation Agency is willing to accept the written translation and interpretation tasks in English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian , Spanish etc and the dubbing task for films or videos as well as language training programs. Our business scope covers electronics, mechanism, chemical industry, medicine, textile, building industry, communication, metallurgy , auto industry, food service industry, literature, education, economics, law, international finance & trade and other businesses concerning foreign affairs, and any institution or individual can be on our list of customers.
    Suzhou Peiwen Translation Agency takes it as its tenet that “Quality means life; speed creates profits”, providing services of high quality and low price, and has established good cooperation relationships with quite a number of famous enterprises such as BenQ 、 AUO 、 KONIC 、 ASUS 、 CANON 、 PHILIPS 、 TNVENTEC. Our services cover the following surrounding areas: Suzhou , Wuxian, Wujiang, Kunshan, Changshu, Taicang, Zhangjiagang, Wuxi , Changzhou , Jiangyin, Yangzhou , Taizhou, Yancheng, Xuzhou , Nantong , Zhenjiang and some areas in Zhejiang Province. 


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